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Small Business Professional Organizer

Elizabeth Potter
Elizabeth brings over 25 years of experience with logistics, production, customer service and financing.  She opened her first business in 2006 offering book keeping services.  In 2008 she expanded as a Professional Organizer specializing in small business.  She has a special talent that helps business owners work through their chaos and create simple systems unique to them.  She has built a reputation as a reliable, effective, and proactive consultant.  Elizabeth has worked with many small business owners by creating systems that help them understand and achieve greater efficiency, profitability and more free time.

Elizabeth co-authored the Best-Selling books Cracking The Success Code and Change Agents. She’s also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, and has been featured in USA Today and Forbes.

Elizabeth has trained in the areas of computer science, economics, accounting software, business management, sales and marketing.  She is a proud member of the Professional Organizers of Canada, CEO Space, as well as a member of the Progressive Group For Independent Business (PGIB).

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